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1 on 1 chat with girls

Most of the help on the internet for ‘how to keep a conversation going with a girl’ advises you to how to keep a conversation going with her.Ask her real, interesting questions about her statements, and show her you’re really trying to understand who she is. I get it: When you talk to a girl, and you feel a strong connection that you natural to immediately fill silence in a conversation.

Just choose from the options below to stay relaxed while you’re chatting.

Ideally, you should make these interesting to you and to her, allowing her to give her opinions and letting you know more about her.

Ask her how she deals with her stress if you’re both going through examine season.

You want to signal that you like her and that you want to get closer, but you don’t want to sound demanding or desperate.

Basically: keep the conversation low-key and let it evolve naturally.

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Whatever you are going to talk about, with whomever, and for however long, start with confidence and as much charm as you’ve got.

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