1930s dating guide women

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1930s dating guide women

Whilst on a date, the magazine suggested that the woman should follow these handy guidelines: 1. Finish all of your dressing in your boudoir, not in the hallway or front room while he is waiting. Don’t tug at your girdle; if you need a brassiere, wear one!

Today, ladies and gents of the 21st century, I’ve gathered up a pretty interesting photo album that dates back to 1938. You know how fragile his masculinity must be, don’t push it! I once talked to my date about a backpack that I’d just bought, and it surely didn’t end well…because of the backpack thing, of course. Sorry to be the one to break it down to you, Rosa but Ralph left you because you liked crossing your legs. And the gum thing at the diner was just too much for his grown ass to take. Saudi director Haifaa Al-Mansour has walked the red carpet of Venice Film Festival for her latest film ‘A perfect Candidate‘, making her one of just two female directors to have their films screened at the prestigious film festival.

The increasing popularity of the automobile also made it possible for young couples to get away from the confines of home and the pesky prying eyes of the chaperone.

Dating became a more relaxed activity and the concept of “having fun” entering the equation, though the ultimate purpose in these endeavors was still to find a marriage partner.

Men’s fashion at the time furthered the image of the man as the responsible protector. Caught between the World Wars, they had their own sense of time and place.

Suits were cut to suggest a large, upper body, with coat collars coming down to form an attractive “V-neck” and shoulder pads added to emphasize a masculine, square appearance. Gone were some of the more hierarchical rules surrounding courtship and romance, and, though certain societal expectations remained, a new sense of gaiety and fun was evolving. in English literature from Mundelein College, Chicago.

Dating and romance in the 1930’s, while all about “having fun,” was decidedly a more formal affair than it is today.

Softer fabrics and styles which hugged the figure, such as the bias cut, became the rage, as did the disk-like hats tilted to one side instead of the cloche hats that hid the forehead. While her heart might lie in the eighteenth century with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr.

However, it was their responsibility to plan, execute and pay for the evening out. Conversation should flatter him; only talk about things that interest him – not fashion! I don’t know about you, but we’re certainly glad we don’t have to abide by these 1930s dating tips for women.

All of the usual niceties and behaviors were still expected as well, of course, such as offering the lady his handkerchief or his jacket if she shivered or even mentioned the weather in any way, getting the door for her, holding out his arm for her as they walked (lest she fall), and even by insisting on walking on the side nearest the street, clearly the more dangerous position. Don’t talk while dancing; it is distracting and annoying. The 1930’s were definitely an interesting time in history.

The most important of these factors is the last…” For girls, desirability and popularity were the most important features for a girl to possess.

Many girls would have flowers and notes sent from home to appear “in demand.” The girls who dated the most guys were considered the most popular as a date.

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