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You won't find these delicately crafted Carvings anywhere else.From Asia to Africa and Europe to the Americas, these Carvings have come a long way.Delicately grouped, these gems are perfect for any jewelry design or gemstone collection.Search through our wide assortment of unique Color Change Gems.Matched pairs of Gemstones are hard to find, so we've made it easy for you.Perfectly shaped and perfectly polished, these Cabochons are just waiting to be discovered.These gemstones are rare and remarkable, featuring an optical effect which is highly sought after.

Many of these gems would make perfect pendants or earrings. Don't sweat the small stuff and go straight to our Huge Gemstones. This is where you'll find the absolute best assortment of huge colored gemstones. We have a vast selection of Birthstones available in various shapes, sizes and colors.

These daily new arrivals may be here today, but gone tomorrow.

Browse through our exquisite gallery of fine Sapphire from exotic locations such as Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka and more.

We have a range of shapes, cuts, colors and sizes available from all around the world.

These gemstones all feature an alluring Cat's Eye trait.

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As natural and pure as the earth we walk on, these sapphires have never been treated or enhanced in any way.

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