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Accommodating spasms eye

Abbreviations: AC/A = accommodative convergence-to-accommodation, ANOVA = analysis of variance, AS/R = accommodative stimulus/response, CL = confidence limit, D = diopter, m TBI = mild traumatic brain injury, NRA = negative relative accommodation, PD = prism diopter, PRA = positive relative accommodation, SD = standard deviation, SEM = standard error of the mean, SUNY = The State University of New York, TBI = traumatic brain injury. Ciuffreda, OD, Ph D; SUNY/State College of Optometry, Department of Vision Sciences, 33 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036; 212-938-5765; fax: 212-938-5760.

These results provide further evidence for the substantial impact of m TBI on accommodative function.

Abstract — Accommodative dysfunction in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury (m TBI) can have a negative impact on quality of life, functional abilities, and rehabilitative progress.

In this study, we used a range of dynamic and static objective laboratory and clinical measurements of accommodation to assess 12 adult patients (ages 18-40 years) with m TBI.

Several case studies have also reported the rare but significant development of persistent accommodative spasm in individuals with TBI [18-20].

These spasms often persisted 7 to 10 years despite long-term use of cycloplegic eye drops, such as atropine, to combat the accommodative spasm.

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Additionally, the patient manifested a markedly reduced accommodative convergence-to-accommodation (AC/A) ratio (1.33:1) that returned to normal (3:1) without treatment 18 months after the injury [17].

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