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Will an essay test measure a child’s knowledge of history?Or will an essay test measure the child’s disability (inability to write)?However, these two terms do NOT mean the same thing and have very important implications for your child’s learning. Before I begin explaining, I would like to stress the fact that accommodations and modifications are fluid with each other.Just because a student requires modifications in reading, they may receive accommodations rather than modifications in science.I’m not sure why some teachers believe that differentiating instruction to help a child learn is somehow “unfair” to other kids who don’t need that particular assistance.Accommodations are intended to level the playing field for people with disabilities. It is likely to take longer for you to complete a test or reading assignment than a person with good vision.The purpose of testing is to find out what the child has learned.

The ADS is located in 0106 Shoemaker Bldg and can be reached at 301-314-7682 or https://

Because special educators want to help, they often try to make things easier for the child by lowering the bar with modifications and accommodations.

Special educators often erroneously believe that if a child has a disability, the child cannot learn these skills. Modifications allow us to be effective and efficient.

Read more as teachers debate accommodations for students.

Pete & Pam Wright and Advocate Pat Howey join the discussion.

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The Office of Accessible Education (OAE), a unit within Student Affairs, provides academic and other accommodations for students with disabilities.

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