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Accomodating multiple learning styles

Sternberg states that most people are flexible in their use of different learning styles and can adapt with varying degrees of success to different learning situations.

However, different teaching methods, test formats and assignments are better suited to some styles than to others.

Sternberg believes that in each person, one function tends to be dominant.

Sternberg also stresses that any subject can be taught in a way that is compatible with any learning style.

Sternberg thinks that many educators are understandably confused by the term ‘learning style’ because it has been used to mean many different things.

To do so, we must be more flexible and we must be able to offer a greater variety of learning activities in our classrooms.

An ‘internal’ orientation means that the student (or teacher) prefers individual, independent assignments, whereas an ‘external’ orientation refers to people who prefer group or collaborative activities.

If an internally oriented student is placed in the classroom of a teacher who is strongly externally oriented or vice versa, the student can feel like a fish out of water.

Students who function in this manner have difficulty prioritizing.

Competing goals can keep them from completing assignments.

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