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Adult dating game rpg

We all constantly improve our skills, so that our first game becomes more fascinating and good-looking.Threads of Destiny: Neitras vol.1 is being developed on the RPG Maker MV engine.The latest free release of the game has quite a few cut-scenes in place to introduce the different characters because I believe it is much more effective and immersive when you have back story as to what their motivations are, and it helps to be able to imagine their responses to different scenarios.There will also be examples of the adult artwork that I am making for this so that you will have an idea what I will be creating as the story moves forward and see if it appeals to you. My patrons have voted to have the Sinius (trainer route) developed first, so I am now working on expanding the story to explore how Tara will be trained to obey by another student who is blackmailing her.The first part of the game trilogy, which we are currently working on, tells you the story of the formation of the first protagonists.The world of the game is filled with magic, secrets of the past, politics, betrayals, and, of course, love and sex.

(Here is Tara learning how to get along better with another student) Final Thoughts I am planning on updating the game frequently with smaller updates (one per month) rather than waiting months to have a larger update.D20 (Content through Day 20) The Teachers Aides help to keep the classrooms running and they are also in charge of keeping any misbehaving students in line! - Latest version of the game one week after release - Currently v1.0. ) The Masters have complete control over their domain, for any student who wishes to graduate..must do as the Master commands! - Cheat Save files with all scenes unlocked - Occasional bonus images not in the game -Always first access to the very latest content of the game Not much is known about the Invigilators except that they have almost unlimited power to punish and impose their will upon the staff and students! - Choose your favorite images in the game to get a high-res version of it There can't be many Grand Masters, their level of power over the school is too extreme to allow more than three at a time - Custom individual scenes with Tara and the other characters in the game.You request a scene and I make a small mini-game for you!They can choose one of two special rewards at their will: is so powerful that even a millennium after they were defeated, their influence on the world is still as strong as it used to be. We all constantly improve our skills, so that our first game becomes more fascinating and good-looking.Therefore, they have the opportunity to more significantly influence the game world: Initially, we had our own dreams: someone wanted to write, someone wanted to draw and someone wanted to translate books. Our game Threads of Destiny is planned, in the form of a trilogy, the events of which occur in their unique universe.

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This version has all the content up through Day 19 of the game. The Story Tara is an elven schoolgirl attending her final year at a university learning different types of magic and interacting with the other students and teachers.