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The state's per pupil funding formula, contained in statute §302D-28, is based on the DOE's EDN 100, 200, 300, and 400 general fund budget.By that base calculation, for FY 2017-18, per-pupil funding for the Department and charter schools was ,359, and is adjusted each year to align with funding levels for the Department.It is helpful to look at Hawaii's spending relative to other states and the District of Columbia. It also includes fringe benefits for general-funded employees that are not appropriated in the Department’s EDNs — since they are budgeted centrally at the Department of Budget and Finance for all general-funded employees.

View by allocation number, program and/or organization.

Special requests and line items are noted below the subtotal.“Each State report card… the per-pupil expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, including actual personnel expenditures and actual nonpersonnel expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, disaggregated by source of funds, for each local educational agency and each school in the State…" [ESEA Sec.

1111(h)(1)C)(x)] Hawaii DOE is reporting the PPE for the state and each school in the state beginning with Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

Funds are distributed by program categories, known as EDNs. The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) pays for renovations, repairs and major maintenance to existing facilities, landscape improvements, new construction, land acquisition, and utility modifications.

The CIP Budget is set by the state as part of a comprehensive program to manage state facilities, and is handled separately from the DOE’s Operating Budget.​ CIP BUDGET REQUESTS & APPROPRIATIONSAmounts are rounded​.

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The Board of Education approves the Department's budgetary ask annually in October.