Advice dating married woman

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Advice dating married woman

They usually don’t want anything else from you but good sex, and a exciting time.

They don’t like to play as much games as the younger women. Older women have no problem destroying relationships if they feel they are not getting the life they deserve.

Older married women will even hit on you blatantly, especially in bars and clubs.

If the husband finds out or if her friends find out can get very bad for you.

Now I don’t like talking about religion, but in the bible it states that it is a sin to sleep with another mans wife.

And there are other religious books other than the bible that state that (or similar things).

And they will not think twice about exposing you if they think it will help them get the attention of their husband. But I gave you some good advice based from my own experience. But why should you continue sleeping with a married woman if you know she is taken? The only time you should continue hooking up with her is if both of you have fallen in love together.

Personally for me, I will not purposely try to get with a married woman. If you are planning to stay together and she wants to leave her husband to marry you. Why go after a taken woman when there are tons of single ladies out there to sleep with.

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Many married women use single guys to sleep with them as a means to get back at their husband.

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