Am i dating a workaholic

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So if you are in the middle of a romantic dinner and his boss suddenly calls, well you just have to deal with it.

There will be very few hikes through the Appalacia unless, because they are type-A, you both decide to plan for a marathon together.

Workaholic people do not know how to balance their time; for them, their job is their life.

Chances are good you will hear about this other person a lot.

In such cases, you wish there was another girl in the picture.

It feels like you are in a long distance relationship when it’s actually not one.Well, it is not hard for you to pick up signs from someone who neglects you for his work.Dating a workaholic is something that girlfriends usually avoid, because they like their partners to pamper them and give them attention.It is never wrong to speak up your mind, but always be tactful.But also, commiserate sometimes and tell them that people are stupid. You prepared a surprise anniversary dinner for him but he came home late from work and he even forgot that it was your anniversary.

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