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Am i intimidating to men quiz

My ecologist friend, in his "Darwinian" mindset, jokingly exclaimed: "Oh wow, she's presenting!" You don't have to emulate an Animal Planet mating documentary to get a guy to approach you when you're out, but body language is important. If you’re showing how bored you are at meetings when no one can agree on the obvious solution that you shared at the beginning of the meeting, bring your knitting or the New York Times crossword to stay occupied. (Note: Just in case some of you might be inclined to misinterpret me, I’m not saying that you should change who you are for people who are intimidated. I’m just giving you some suggestions that might help make life easier for you in particular situations where you need them. If you’re interrupting folks with your creative ideas, let them finish before you share your thoughts; imagine designing the next electric car while you’re waiting.Recently, at a wedding, I witnessed a dance floor with a friend who is an ecologist.In the middle of this dance floor, a girl approached a guy, legs slightly spread, while slapping her thighs with the back of her hands while looking him in the eye. You’re not out to humiliate anyone or prove that you’re a superior being. Look for the humor in any situation as a way to entertain yourself and plan your memoir.

Let people have their bad grammar and their mixed metaphors; the world will probably not end. Know that your rainforest-y peeps are out there and they will not be intimidated; they will be thrilled. What I really want to tell you is that as you experience humans finding you scary and intimidating, you may need to accept that not everyone can handle life in the jungle. As you know, I support you in being the fabulous radiant rainforest-y darling that you are. ) ___________________________ To my dear blogg EEs: Are people intimidated by your intelligence? How would this post be different if it were the smart man’s guide? I think gifted men also scare people, but differently.

Here are a few things women do that prevent guys from approaching them: INTIMIDATION If she's super-hot, sometimes I assume I have no chance or I'm just plain intimidated. This, by the way, is the best reason for your ego why guys aren't approaching: "I'm just so hot I'm intimidating." UNATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE One night, we were out and a girl intermittently stood up on the seat of her booth and did stripper-type dances. It's tough to approach a whirling dervish and no one could take her seriously.

And sometimes the "too drunk" girl gets approached by guys who are interested in one thing only.

You walk around with your head held high but not like some ‘stuck up chick held high more’ like a super self confidence high.

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DO NOT DISTURB It's easier to approach a girl who looks bored, like she wants someone to talk to.