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American culture on dating

” Have standards plummeted to the point where the amygdala takes over and eliminates inhibitions in the name of chasing tail?

I admit that whenever I see such a sight, I have to look away in disgust or laugh so hard, I have a back spasm.

So, in a culture that shames and emasculates men, it’s all work and no reward. What I mean is that if a man is fortunate enough to get a date with an attractive woman with a good personality and even be in a relationship with her, he has not only played enough games and his cards right during a very small window of opportunity, but he has walked a tightrope and passed numerous sh*t tests just to be with her.

Or it was by chance and a stroke of luck, meaning the stars aligned perfectly and getting a date is once in a blue moon for him.

But there is a high probability that the relationship won’t last because again, with the abundant dating choices women have in the U. Whether or not he walks on eggshells in the relationship, she will most likely become bored for the silliest reasons and leave him, but not before she’s gotten some free dinners or cleaned out his bank account and everything he earned after a divorce from a marriage that lasted two years or less.

In the more likely scenario that a man lands a date with a marginally attractive or average woman, he has lowered his standards because he has given in to the American standard for dating and relationships, or he has become so sexually frustrated, that he has resorted to desperation for the sake of getting laid.

Perilous paths toward disappointment, frustration, heartache, loneliness and squashed dreams are common.

Finger-pointing abounds and fittingly, problems are never solved.

To perpetuate this even further, there simply exists this fear of approaching women in America because of a woman’s demeanor, a shield, a kind of an aura she gives off that indicates she doesn’t want to be approached.

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If she does manage to answer her phone, there is usually a, “I’ll call you back” which means never, and that she won’t want to speak to you ever again, regardless of how many dates you got with her.

If she is not playing these sort of games, she can easily tell you that she’s seeing someone or has a boyfriend just to not have to deal with you any further or she cares enough about your ego not to damage it too much.

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Even if you’re a man successfully getting a phone number, chances are it will be bogus or she will purposely screen her calls just to play head games or because she subscribes to the fact that you are a creep by association.

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