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Posted by / 27-Feb-2020 19:56

Recently, a man who had been brutally harassed by an internet troll for three full years used this technology to find the person who had made his life hell, day to day.

That troll, shockingly, turned out to be the son of a family friend.

So perhaps this “invasion of privacy” uproar is moot.

At the end of the day, whether the current methods of dealing with these problems are right or wrong is an argument that can play out into the ether; it doesn’t change how things will actually function now and going forward. What you say and do on the internet is being heard loud and clear, by more people than you might ever suspect.

It is still being shouted down as “vigilantism,” when, if a similar piece had been published offline, it would probably be chalked up to “investigative journalism.” Reddit went so far as to block all Gawker links from the website, stating that the group had violated one of the primary foundations of Reddit’s platform – the right to anonymity. If we make every effort to keep our true names off the internet, if we buy a multitude of security platforms, if we friend-lock every social media site we belong to?

Enter “locate IP address” into Google and the first page of results offers a site where you can find someone’s location by entering their IP address.

“I heard about these people in chat rooms on the news.They use the internet and make friends, like I did.They offer up their real names and real information about their lives, and they do it without fear.I’ve looked up the names of family members and come up with local government documents that offer specific details on where they live.And if you’ve got a friend with some tech savvy, they can likely come up with far more information than I could on one go. Would you believe me if I told you that it’s not necessarily a bad thing?

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Some people are thriving in this age of information.