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She now works retail in the supply store at Mc Murdo station, the U. How did you even find out about job openings on Antarctica?I think I must have heard about it from a friend who had a cousin working on Antarctica or something like that.

It's funny to see, in the middle of winter, underneath all those stars, people trotting around in really, really weird costumes heading to the next thing like it ain't no thing. One of the best parts of the documentary was the big Antarctica Christmas celebration you have. There is Mid-Winter Day, which is kind of an Antarctica holiday.So I found it to be really almost meditative and peaceful and centering. What's the funniest thing that you do to pass the time in the dark? There are all sorts of fun costume parties that people dress up for.I wasn't sure if that would terrify me in the middle of it, but it never did. We also have nonstop daylight in the summer, but the sun doesn't really bother me that much. We have had parties that are unicorn-themed, or parties where you dress up like sailors or like hunters.That was a romantic thing to do in Antarctica in the winter, like, "Oh, there's fresh food and I will share it with the person that I really like." It was really cheesy but lovely. You maybe schedule once a day and take a quick peek at your Facebook or your email.He is English, and he would bring these little gingerbread men from England and give them to me as gifts. It really is a different world electronically and Internet-wise down there.

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On June 21, all of the stations all over the continent will have their own dinner and their own special event.

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