Are lindsey vonn and tiger woods dating

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Are lindsey vonn and tiger woods dating

Today, therefore, we’re going to take a look all of Tiger’s recent “girlfriends” and see how Lindsey Vonn stacks up.I’m guessing she’ll stack up pretty well, but don’t take my word for it. Coming in at #14 is one of three adult film actresses on the list: Devon James. This Floridian likes to refer to herself as a "Porn Queen." But whatever.Raychel Coudriet is not an adult film actress or a lingerie model, or anything like that.She was just a typical 21-year-old college student back in 2009—a typical 21-year-old college student who's dad was Tiger Woods' neighbor in Orlando. Apparently Raychel was only outed as a Tiger Woods mistress after she confronted him about treating her like just another conquest. Jamie Grubbs was a cocktail waitress and a contestent on some reality show when she hooked up with Woods.If she stands out to you among all these women, it's probably because she's the one who kept the incriminating voicemail from Tiger and leaked it to the media.Tiger met Julie Postle when she was working as a cocktail waitress at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando back in 2004.They've even accompanied him at a few golf tournaments.In the photos on this page we'll see Tiger's kids alone, with Woods, with their mother Elin Nordegren, and also with Woods' onetime girlfriend Lindsey Vonn (the ski legend), among others.

Vonn and Tiger had been a couple for more than two years by this point.

According to the mother of one of her roommates—which sounds like a totally reliable source to me—Tiger was really obsessed with her for a while.

According to the guy she was dating when Tiger came along, Julie now lives in Texas.

In the photo above, the kids are dressed in the traditional white caddie uniform of Augusta National Golf Club.

Sam Woods (back) and Charlie Woods (front) take part in the 2015 Masters Par-3 Contest.

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They were helping out dad as he played in the event.