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Atomic dating game

Using a role-play script (provided by the author), students act out a short 15 minute "play".Extensions are added in the article to allow more student participation.While the players are reading their part the rest of the class follows along.At the culmination of the play all students are asked to write a paragraph to explain which atoms would be suitable to form an ionic bond with another atom. Middle school teachers,especially 8th grade, will love this activity.Understand how decay and half life work to enable radiometric dating.

However, I found that the concept of an element dating game could be better presented to the students in a way that would have all students participating instead of a select few while the rest of the class sat as the audience.

Next, students could participate in a few round of speed dating in which they used concepts learned in class to determine their compatibility with other elements.

Afterward, they could write write the proper names and formulas for the compounds that were created as a match.

This play is used after students have learned the basic structure of atoms and the general layout of the periodic table.

It also comes after students have learned the basics of ionic and covalent bonding. This article has a really neat game show about chemical bonding that students can act out.

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I just used the Octet Rules Dating Game in my chemistry class last week. It was an engaging way to introduce the octet rule.