Attractive online dating profile example

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Everyone on every dating site has some idea of the kind of relationship they want: casual dating, hook ups, a long term relationship, or some mix of these.If you know what you want, don’t be afraid to put it in your bio and save you and other people some time. Talk about your passion, your job, your all time favorite travel destinations, etc.

You may as well focus on attracting those who will jive with you than going for worldwide mass appeal.This goes back to being honest – certain information should be given before you meet up with someone, and it’s up to you to decide what that specific information is (ie, no guys, you don’t need to list your weight unless you think that will somehow impact the relationship).It’s great to be informative but we don’t need to know what you had for breakfast.Ferrin, 25 My labelmaker is the single best purchase of my 20s so far.Rory, 29 I may or may not use the Dewey Decimal System for my home library.

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Taylor, 27 Ask me about my sleight of hand Jude, 23 Ask me about my cat’s tricks.

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