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She has released multiple albums that brought her a lot of success and fame. She was ranked 8th in the survey held by Askmen of Top 99 Most Desirable Women.Due to her revealing outfits, she had been called a sexual singer who spoke with her body.Due to her beauty, she appeared on almost 100 magazine covers.Many celebrities attended her wedding with Egyptian business man, including Kim Kardashian in 2009.

She rose to fame as a model before being an actress.

She had a lot of success as an actress and starred in many movies.

Her first movie, The Danish Experience, made it to the top of the box office and was a huge hit.

The world is filled with many beautiful women who can be seen featured on the big screen and many other platforms.

It’s no secret that the Arab world is home to many beautiful women whose beauty and talent can be breathtaking.

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She was awarded Best Singer by a magazine called Sayidaty.