Backdating dla

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Backdating dla

Hello everyone , When EXACTLY is a pip award backdated to ?

I won my tier 1 tribunal/ appeal yesterday ,after 23 months of fighting for itmy specific details are :-I ORIGINALLY 1st phoned pip in July 2013 to request to apply for it , I provided my basic details over the phone , yet I was unable to complete the form that was sent to me ,for very long time ,due to being overwhelmed with many problems I then called pip a second time in November 2014 , I eventually completed the form and returned it Early summer 2015 atos face 2 face , refused pip of course Requested the mandatory reconsideration promptly refused again ,as expected Completed the application to appeal Granted appeal tribunal date for December 2015, didn’t win that appeal / tribunal Requested the full statement of reasons in time on Then spent all this yr dealing with the tribunal courts people , requesting the statement of reasons repeatedly & waiting again and again ,even the regional judge put In writing that it would be provide in a FEW days , it never was .

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I am on indefinite DLA and due to be moved over to PIP..

But it's best to report changes like this straight away, as any increase in your payments can only be by up to three months.

Ale to nalepiej jest relacjonować zmiany w ten sposób od razu, jako którykolwiek wzrost twoich zapłat tylko może być antydatowany przez do trzy miesięcy.

Well they're on about to June 1 and would rise to 75 per cent by the last quarter of 1991.

Wzrost miał być antydatowanym do 1 czerwca i zapisać wzrost 75 procent przez w ubiegłym kwartale z 1991.

: https:// How much will my Personal Independence Payment be?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are benefits that are meant to cover the extra costs that disabled people face.

The charity Scope estimates that on average disabled people face unavoidable extra costs of £550 per month as a result of being disabled.

Citizen’s Advice have put together information about how to prepare for your assessment which you can find here: https:// They have also put together a “PIP assessment help sheet” which they recommend you print out and take to your assessment with you: https:// (public)/You can get a form to send information by post (although this can delay the decision on your claim).

To ask for the form write to: Personal Independence Payment New Claims Post Handling Site B Wolverhampton WV99 1AH Mandatory Reconsideration is where the Department for Work and Pensions looks over the decision that the assessor has made.

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The number to contact is on your appointment letter.