Barnard college dating scene

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The arrangement was finally formalized in 1900 with the first Columbia-Barnard Intercorporate Agreement.

And thus, on October 7, 1889, Barnard College was born.On October 23, 1890, the Spec announced its intention to cover affairs at Barnard College with this wonderfully condescending (and sexist!) editorial: "With this issue Barnard College makes her bow--we beg the young ladies' pardon, her courtesy [curtsy]--to our readers.Barnard spent a great deal of the 1970s and early 1980s in negotiations with Columbia over a potential merger and undergraduate co-education.Ultimately, Barnard chose to remain independent, and in 1982, Columbia College went co-ed on its own.

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We shall, therefore, anxiously await from our correspondent the account of something 'real naughty and shocking' to keep alive interest.

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