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Ben franklin dating advice

As personal finance author Beth Kobliner notes in her book , when you pay off a credit card bill with a 14% interest rate, “you’re in effect paying yourself 14%, guaranteed, and tax free.” That’s an amazing return on investment!

Whenever I get down like that for any reason, instead of wallowing, I like to take some kind of action.

Here are some of the sites I found invaluable during my own finance education (as well as a few that started after I hung up my FLS hat): 2. There’s a moment from my college days that I distinctly remember.

It was just a few months after I was completely on my own for the first time.

To that end, today we begin a series on financial goals to aim for during different periods of your life. One of the weird things about the modern age, is that even though money plays such a huge role in our lives, most of us don’t get any formal personal finance classes in school.

First up: personal finance goals for your twenties. Parents often don’t talk with their kids about the finer points of money management either.

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But even so, there are steps you can start taking now that will lay a good foundation for building wealth and security as you get older.