Break up after 6 months dating speed dating naples fl

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Break up after 6 months dating

Every week, spliced in among Kaitlyn seemingly-endless dramas, The Bachelorette would check in with them as a sort of B-story, watching their love develop at a much faster pace, given that they only had each other to focus on instead of a field of 25 contestants.

And, where we've left them in the episodes that are currently airing, the two still seem to be doing very well.

The following photo is the last of the two of them together, and is from four weeks ago: Obviously we haven't gotten an official comment from ABC, or Britt or Brady themselves, so we don't have a solid reason for the breakup, but we can learn a lot from looking at their time on camera together.

The last we saw was Brady leaving Los Angeles, where Britt lives, to go home to Nashville, and officially try to make their relationship work long-distance, which can be the kiss of death with something so new. I'm no expert, but my suspicion was that the pressure of living in two different states was too much for them.

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Breaking up is never an easy thing to do, especially around the half-year milestone, when partners really begin to feel comfortable with and trust one another.

But, of course, that footage was filmed months ago, and multiple sources are now claiming that the pair has broken up. Once the Bachelorette episode where they declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend had aired, Britt and Brady went public with their relationship, posting photos on Instagram showing them happy together.

But sadly, it's now clear that those were from a simpler time, as the posts abruptly cut out about a month ago.

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Also, if you change your mind, your ex might no longer be interested or available.

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