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Britney spears dating agent

“He has been her agent for four years, and they are very close friends.He gets on with her family, but there is absolutely categorically nothing romantic going on.The two were seen smiling and laughing as they boogie-boarded in the surf.Spears wore nothing more than a bikini and rode around on the back of an ATV with her arms firmly planted on Trawick’s waist.And of course she made a big show of it, making sure everyone saw her enter with her security team.Us Weekly noted that she had a smirk on her face when she left…

Brit’s mostly getting decent reviews for her concerts so far, and her comeback is definitely moving forwards.That May, the two decided to separate their business and personal relationships, and it was confirmed that Trawick would no longer be representing Spears. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest this March, the pop star opened up about their life together. "We just like to watch movies; we work out a lot; we take walks." In May, Spears told Harper's Bazaar, "I've thought about both [marriage and kids]," saying that tying the knot with Trawick could happen "if the timing was right." And in an interview with Us Weekly in April, Spears gushed about life with Trawick. He makes me laugh, and we are so comfortable being ourselves," she said. The video focuses on a fictional love affair between their characters, who go on a crime spree that leads to a steamy encounter.Director Chris Marrs Piliero said Trawick "killed it." This will be Britney's third marriage.Months ago, rumors began circulating that Britney Spears and longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick were going to tie the knot.And on Friday (December 16), sources close to the pair and a mysterious tweet from the star herself confirmed that the couple is engaged.

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