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There does seem to be agreement, how­ever, that the sexual relationships are extremely important to the success of a marriage.

Some discussions and even some marriage counselors go as far as to suggest that sex is the one thing which can make or break a marriage.

Out of this view grows the great concern for sexual compatibility.

Some young people even feel that there should be a trial period of sexual relation­ships before marriage so that the couple can be sure that they are compatible. Sex is im­portant in marriage, but anyone who knows even a little about the nature of personality and the way in which it de­velops, understands that there are many points around which it can be organized.

The im­plication is that if the sexual adjustment is not satisfactory, it will wreck the whole marriage.

If it is satisfactory, noth­ing else matters very much.

Such a policy is like trying to cure all kinds of physical ills by keeping your teeth in good condition.

Teeth are important to health, but they are not the only important factors.

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Ming shares, Dating in general is really not complicated at all.