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C validating close form

Sure enough, clicking OK or pressing the Enter key will run the Validating event I wired up to the Text Box.Pressing the Cancel button bypasses Validating, which is perfect. Add(panel); In this simplified example the textbox will not let you proceed if there are 3 characters input.a spread control where edit mode should be exited on escape.IMO it's pretty retarded that they runs validate on escape. Process Dialog Key(key Data) instead of cancel Button.I have a windows form that validates if there is text in a text box, which works well when going through the rest of the form, however, if the user just wants to click the close(x) button in the upper right corner instead of actually running the application, I get the exception handling message of text not being in the text box instead of the application exiting.I looked around here and looked at other questions in regards to detecting the close button being pushed and that led me to trying the below.

I don't want any validation for the edit box to be executed. Here is an important detail: if the validation fails, then If the validation occurs when the edit box loses focus, nothing about the the cancel button is going to stop that from happening.The User Control inherit an interface (like IEdit View) that has functions for Save, Cancel, Validate and Toggle Validate.In the shell form we used the mouse enter and mouse leave like so: on the close button and on the form itself (X to close). While reading through the comments I spotted one that appears to work perfectly on the form close event , not the close button (so it will fire when X is clicked also) This did the trick.However, if the failing validation is preventing the cancel button from doing its thing, set the for the cancel button and all the parents of the cancel button. It seemed that if the user was in the middle of editing a field that was using validation and just decided to give up (leaving the field with an invalid input), the cancel button event was being fired but the window would not close down.This was fixed by the following in the cancel button click event: Setting Causes Validation to false is the key, however this alone is not enough.

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