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Cambodia dating relationships

A girl who engages in premarital sex is considered beyond redemption.A girl is taught that virtuous behavior includes not crying or screaming during labor, and not complaining when abused by spouse, parents, or elders.The courtship practices and the marriage ceremony are very different from those practiced in the Western culture.Traditionally, marriage was always arranged without the knowledge or consent of the individuals to be married. Many families arranged marriages while the betrothed individuals were still very young; friends made promises to each other that their children would marry.

Traditional Cambodian culture expects a girl to behave according to social norms and to avoid any transgression that could be branded as ‘dirty’.

First, he wants to preserve their honor by not marrying a ‘dirty’ girl.

A good son wouldn't go against his parents’ wishes.

If a man were interested in marrying a girl he saw but to whom he had not spoken, his parents would arrange an engagement ceremony with the girl's parents. Marriage is still arranged but individuals often are consulted about the choice of their spouse, and rejecting the parents' arrangement is tolerated.

Even a young woman has an opportunity to reject her parents' wishes, although not many daughters are yet willing to exercise this option.

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Children also have obligations toward their parents to do their utmost to maintain their parents' honor.