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Production values are, in fact, rock solid throughout the film's 14-minute running time.

is screening at LA's Outfest, Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, the UK's Shorts Out!

Although we never need an excuse to party, Duval Street plays host to festivals year-round.

These celebrations attract merrymakers worldwide and have names like Conch Republic Days, Hemingway Days, Songwriters Festival, Poker Run, and of course the week-long scantily-costumed extravaganza known as Fantasy Fest.

At the south end, near the Southernmost Point in the Continental U.

The film tells the story of Cam (Victoria Ortiz), a college freshman with a passion for close-up magic that masks a raging case of OCD and her real passion - her roommate, Jessie (Kara Royster), whose interest in Matt (Erick Lopez) is a pretty strong indicator that Cam's fantasy is going nowhere fast.

Part of the AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, tells a somewhat familiar story yet does so in a vibrant, appealing, and immensely entertaining way centered around the absolutely endearing performance by the charismatic and generally awesome Victoria Ortiz.

Ortiz fills the screen with a wide-eyed wonder that makes you completely fall in love with her and Usdin's honest, natural dialogue keeps everything warm, believable and immersive.

While you may see the ending coming a mile away, you won't mind at all as Ortiz's Cam is so compelling you can't help but root for her along the way.


Kara Royster is a gem as Jessie, tasked with portraying the widest emotional range in the film and doing so to perfection.