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Canada saudi dating

The fee for Canada Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia is SR 555. The biometric fee for a family of two or more is CAD 170 i.e. If you have traveled to either Canada or the USA in the last 10 years or has a US Visa on your passport, your application will be treated as a CAN application.Actually, the fee to apply for Canada Visit Visa is CAD 100 i.e. It means that you will be given preferential treatment and the response time of your application will also be very fast.Although it is written on the Canadian government website that you are not required to provide any bank statement if you have a US visa, I still encourage you to provide a bank statement to strengthen your case.The VFS office tells every applicant that the processing time for Canada Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia is 40 days.You need to submit all the following documents to apply for a Canada Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia.

The third form which you need to fill to apply for a Canada Visit Visa is an IMM5257B application form.

IMM5257B form must be filled by those applicants who want to show their traveling history.

In my opinion, all the applicants who have a good traveling history must fill this form.

The booking made through is considered confirmed by Canadian authorities.

You can either pay the Canada Visit Visa fee online or pay it at the time you go to VFS Center in Saudi Arabia for biometrics.

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You need your passport, national identity card, and the US green card to fill IMM5257 form.

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