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Cancer survivors and dating

I’ll say, ' You can push on them—they’re hard!

' Having that conversation makes the next steps better. Today I’m all about hope."Nicole Seagriff, 31, a primary care provider in New York City; diagnosed four years ago"Breast cancer runs in my family: I just assumed that I would get diagnosed.

It’s my way of saying, ' If you don’t want to know, you’re probably not my match.' That picture has encouraged beautiful first-date conversations about how life doesn’t go the way we want but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I’ve started to gravitate to people who haven’t had such easy roads.

Only one guy I dated didn’t want to talk about my cancer history. I just met someone on the app; he’s my age but has been through divorce.

He passed the test by being willing to hang out with my friends and me at the park on our second date.

At one point he put his head in my lap, and we were talking and laughing, and I leaned over so far he said, ' Is that a boob on my forehead?

' I’ve found that guys ask really smart, sensitive questions.

Women often ask, ' How did you deal when you lost your hair?

Flash forward to 2016 and, experts say, there’s a very different attitude.

' But men go deeper: ' How should I talk to my sister who has breast cancer?

' or ' When was the last time you were intimate with someone, and what was that like?

After years of trying to control my looks, surrendering has been healing.

It was the new me, the survivor, who created a profile on Coffee Meets Bagel last spring. I didn’t talk about cancer in my profile, but I posted a picture of myself with a mohawk, taken at the head-shaving party I threw before chemo.

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“I’m a breast cancer survivor…so my body is not so perfect,” wrote one woman on recently.

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