Carbon dating pitfalls

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Despite the mainstreaming of justice obligations into the global forest governance architecture and the proliferation of justice practices across multiple scales of governance, claims of injustice persist.

The growing prominence of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation plus the enhancement of carbon stocks (REDD ) as a primary mechanism for addressing global forest loss and degradation has again directed attention to the justice effects of global forest policies on forest peoples across the Global South.

That was a 53% increase on the number of evictions since 2010.

As of 2014-15, there were almost two million private landlords in the UK, letting almost five million properties, from which over 20,000 evictions took place in one year; this equates to more than 85 a day.If they do not and if the tenant escalates the matter by making a complaint to the local housing authority, the landlord may be prevented from serving a Section 21 notice from the date of the tenant’s complaint until the issue has been resolved, irrespective of why the landlord wants to take their property back.The above requirements can be retrospectively corrected, however.If the tenant does not leave, the landlord can then escalate matters by issuing a claim in the County Court nearest the property in question.In theory (and subject to landlords complying with various other statutory provisions, which are detailed below), a Section 21 notice offers a guaranteed outcome for a landlord, namely mandatory possession.

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Below is a summary of the hurdles that must be overcome before a landlord can lawfully bring an AST to an end with the help of a Section 21 Notice.

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  1. Confirmation and Debt Discharge: If your reorganization plan is reasonable, done in good faith and in compliance with the law, the court typically will confirm it.