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This leads me to the following conclusion: Sometimes life’s a bitch.​But when you really think about it, life is pretty amazing.Especially when you realize that upgrading your free account gives you more benefits than living off social welfare in the UK.Just have a look at all the exclusive features you could use if you upgraded your membership: When I compared all the benefits that a Platinum Membership offered me, it was not hard to decide which one I should take.​Besides a ridiculously high response rate and messages from girls who look like a mixture of Rhianna and Nicki Minaj?

And no, the replies didn’t come from overweight whales.

We talked about her job (she worked in an office) and about her family (she had one child). Check out the message I sent to all 100 girls and tell me in the comments below if it’s the cheesiest message you’ve ever read: And not every girl who replied to my message was girlfriend material. Playing with her is the only thing I can imagine right now and you would agree with me if you saw her pictures.

I mean, what kind of girl agrees to go on a date with a stranger right after her father’s funeral? Yes, I would love to touch her and play with this Bajan beauty all night, but I can say the same about the next girl who was happy to receive my touching words. because you’ll find more women and you’ll (most likely achieve a higher response rate (I had a response rate of 78%).​Guyana, another country that I, Mr. And I also didn’t know that the women in this country are so damn friendly.

It turns out that it is, but not for every country.

It sucks for Puerto Rico and there's a better alternative for the Dominican Republic.

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You are all alone and you can’t wait to see her in her full beauty, to I contacted 100 girls from 10 different countries to find out if this is the best dating site for men who are looking for girls in the Caribbean.

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