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Celebrities dating celebrities list

Moreover, he shaved all his hair down to get rid of them. A very popular American basketball player, Magic Johnson, has been a victim of HIV since long, but he is struggling yet against it.This virus enforced him for early retirement and turned his life as a good business man.Well this can also be a reason not taking precautions measures.Most of the celebs feel ashamed of STD’s infection and spend their lives hiding it.The homosexual Greg Louganis tested in 1988, as positive for HIV due to abusive relationships, depression, lifestyle of a drinker and smoker at very young age.He worked a lot for Human Rights Campaign to defend civil liberties of LGBT community to aware people about HIV. He was a very outrageous fighter fought against HIV and tried to come back in 2006.

This virus has been under consideration by Disease Control Authorities in order to prevent others from its effects. Jessica Alba is one of the most famous celebs with herpes.Here Is The List Of 20 Celebrities Who Are Rumored Or Confirmed With STDs And Genital Herpes. Yes, Derek Jeter has herpes Derek Jeter Herpes is one of the most controversial topic now a days.The number of famous celebrities with STDs is increasing due to non-usage of precautionary measures.Presumably, this virus was transmitted to her by her ex-boyfriend, Derek Jeter.Cash Warren tried to cure Jessica Alba STD on a regular basis through Valtrex.

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