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Chat girl hot random

Do you often have a tune in your head you can’t name? Have you ever made out with someone you wished you never made out with? When pulling crackers does everyone get one each regardless or whoever gets the big ends keeps all the prizes 97. Do you regret any of those intimate experiences with that person?

They're all on the social life topic, with pieces of advice that work both here on Stranger Meetup and in real life. There is a saying that strangers are friends you just not yet have met.

Has anyone ever approached you thinking you were someone else? Have you ever been approached by someone who knew you but you couldn’t remember them for the life of you?

Are you willing to stay away from your family if you ever have to for a job? How do you balance personal responsibilities with relationship responsibilities?

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Have you ever argued over who should pay for something?

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  1. This is especially true of many of the smaller, mom and pop type companies you’ve never heard of, who buy your contact information from debt collectors, then send you letters or emails promising to refinance and consolidate your loans at a low interest rate, no matter how poor your credit score might be.