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Chat law in thailand

This includes Thai registered companies where half or more of the capital is held by non Thai individuals, foreign registered companies or Thai registered companies which are themselves majority foreign-owned.There is no general prohibition against foreigners carrying out business in Thailand.

Unlike the Representative Office and Regional Office, Branch Offices under Thai law are not limited to the “non-trading” activities. The Branch Office's liabilities arising from the action of the business in Thailand will not be limited within Thailand but extends to the head office overseas.However, foreigners cannot engage in the following: Unlike a Thai partnership, in a limited partnership, one partner’s liability is limited while the other partner’s liability is unlimited.Limited partnerships MUST be registered unlike a Thai partnership.The Permanent Residence Permit allows you to stay in Thailand permanently without the need for a Visa.Moreover, it is another step on the road to acquiring citizenship, and a Thai passport.

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Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit, also known as Residence Visa or Permanent Visa, in Thailand involves a complicated procedure.