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Use this chart to find all Malaga Airport Departures (AGP Departures) from T2 & T3 (Terminals 2 & 3) for Domestic & International Flights. If you have any problems finding your flight below or have any other questions you can come an chat with us on our The departures hall is upstairs, so when approaching the airport make sure you´re following the sign for “Salidas”.

If using the new road, it´s pretty straight forward.

There is an Information Desk between T2 & T3 and also in T3 just before Security.

They are there to help you, so if you need help ask for it.

There is a VIP lounge on the second floor which is right above the shopping area. It was being renovated so there could be a little disruption.

As you come through Security turn right and its just up the stairs. If you have a Priority Pass or flying club, then it´s worth going in for free if you can.

If coming from the old route where the car parking places are on your right, then as you go over the big roundabout, you need to bear off to the right. If you’re dropping people off at at Malaga, you now have to take a ticket to drive through.

Una vez más, por favor mantenga su identidad en secreto Haga clic en el botón "Continuar" para buscar con su código postal.The 4 boarding gates located at the end of Dock D may be used, when necessary, for non-Schengen traffic.Remember to keep your Boarding Pass handy to show when you board the plane.Security is where many of you lose your personal items, phones, keys, i Pads etc. We have written a some Tips for passing through security calmly without losing your belongings.If you are travelling via Norwegian or Iberia there are Automatic Check In Desks where you can check in and print boarding passes. There is Fast Track for certain passengers flying Business Class or similar with specific airlines or you can now pay 4€ per person. As soon as you are through security you will enter the “Passenger Only Zone” where you will find the duty free shops and boarding gates.

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