Chatname broken heart

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Chatname broken heart

My private porn and sin with Bathsheba was SO NOT worth it, believe me. Maybe this sermon that I've preached to you is exactly the Nathan that you needed to set you free. By the way, could you be a little nicer when you preach about me next time?But your story doesn't need to end the way that mine did. After all, that is what He came to do—to set the captives free. And make sure you come up and thank me when you get to heaven too! Sam Serio has pastored churches in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland and South Carolina.My ministry was cut short because of what I had done and I hope you won't let that happen to you. Let's talk about your personal temptation and porn. That's what I thought when I did my best to hide the evidence of what I did with Bathsheba and to Uriah. You don't have the same strength or peace you had before. I had no idea how it would escalate and get out of control.Might you have your own private Bathsheba in your life? No one knew—much like you think that no one will ever know about your porn. Day and night, God's hand will be heavy upon you when you mess up. When you're not trying to justify what you do, you're agonizing over what you do. Your hands are especially unclean as you type on the computer, turn the pages in those magazines, play those naked videos, and use them to switch to the adult viewing channel. Bathsheba suddenly lost her husband and then she soon lost the child we had conceived in secret.And let's not forget to add your church family to the list of those who will suffer. Some who know your wife will look at you differently and you'll wonder why. My spirit was hardened and it needed to be broken and softened. God will renew your strength in your body and your ministry. When I confessed to God, I was forgiven by God—immediately! You especially should know that so let's practice what you preach. As long as you continue to watch porn, your spirit is hardened and not broken.Others will struggle with their faith because you haven't won your struggle against lust and porn. Jesus is the friend of sinners and He'll even be your friend once again.

Ron grew up in a family of riders (Chuck, Mark and Kenny). Suzie put herself through college at the University of Washington on a gymnastic scholarship.

Ron was looking after our dad Roger, who both paid daily visits to our mother Carolyn who was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease.” Ron at Washougal on his works Honda CR125.

Ron made the top ten overall in the 1979 250 Nationals and 1980 125 Nationals.

“Ron dominated Vet Pro payouts into his 40’s, his favorite method of training was riding technical trails of Trask Mountain in Oregon’s coast range and the ridges of Mt. Camping at Council Lake in a rig next to Ron and his then wife Rhonda, we all heard the roar of what we believe was a Sasquatch, but no one was willing to step outside to find out what the ruckus was all about! ” “Ronald B will be sorely missed by family and his many friends. I love You.” This bike played a major role in the growth of motocross in America in the late 1960s—even though it wasn’t a motocross bike.

It was a street legal, dual-sport bike with passenger pegs and high-rise handlebars.

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