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Cheryl bradshaw dating game interview

Rodney Alcala turned on the charm big time, telling her they were going to have a "great time." He won the day and the couple won tennis lessons and a trip to Magic Mountain. Or are there more Jane Doe murder victims waiting to be identified? Over in Wyoming, they had an unidentified Jane Doe corpse.Then the police posted Alcala's trophy pictures and Kathy searched the site and found a picture of Christine.He was tall, tanned and handsome, with perfect hair, a winning smile, and killer charm and charisma.He seemed so normal, this veteran and graduate of UCLA, who had studied film with Roman Polanski.And they went off with him willingly and usually ended up getting r*ped and strangled.He usually told enough of the truth to convince them he was a regular guy.

And Kathy brought the bones of her sister home for burial. She is now a stylish 50-something woman, a woman who testified to the jury who, in 2010, were deciding whether Alcala would get life imprisonment or be sentenced to death. She was living in the swank Chateau Marmont hotel when one day, as she walked to school, Alcala stopped her and asked her if she wanted a ride. He said he had a pretty picture he wanted to show her.

Heck, it was the 1970's, in the days before computerized records.

So, his assaults and r*pes were not easily accessible and, incredibly, at one point, the guy got a job in a summer camp for kids!

Unbelievably, it took 30 long years for five California murder convictions finally to stick in 2010.

So, Alcala sits on death row in California, writing the odd book, and suing the State of California for not providing him with a low fat diet.

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DNA tests proved that the Jane Doe was indeed Christine Thornton.