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Chris cri cam4

China can only fulfill its people’s expectations and reduce their worries by continuing its reforms. Out of 40 executive meetings of the State Council held in 2013, 30 have been related to reform. The land was later contracted to the villagers and they could decide how to use it. Our reform will come about as the result of a process. Some government departments will lose power and companies will face pressure, but we will carry out our reform without hesitation.

Our focus is to increase the vitality of the market and the creativity of society and to allow the people to benefit. This year we will continue to delegate power and allow the market to play a full role. For example, there will be new tax reduction measures this year for small and micro enterprises, and a focus on old-age insurance. @ Sina weibo Yansha Xishui Sunny: Competition in the world today is increasingly intense.

The Chinese government’s policy towards Hong Kong and Macao is consistent and clear-cut.

The government will continue to support Hong Kong as a financial, shipping and trading center.

We don’t know if the problems impeding the development of MSEs can be improved or solved. We will hold businesses that do not take responsibility accountable. We will take diverse measures according to the situations in different cities.

We care about whether there are any representatives in the two sessions are from micro and small enterprises and whether their proposals have drawn any attention. The government is taking more responsibility and has set a target to reduce energy intensity by 3.9 percent this year. The government’s goal is to make sure everybody has housing.We want to improve the safety net covering areas including education, housing and medical care. This year we will increase the standard for old-age security, bring it in line with the market, and unify the medical and old age insurance systems in urban and rural areas. We will improve education in rural areas, and make sure that everybody has an equal chance to develop themselves. We will get rid of the people’s worries regarding employment and starting businesses, and create a level playing field.Last year President Xi met President Obama in the United States and reached a consensus on building non-conflictual and mutually beneficial cooperation.There are differences but these are necessary pains in growing cooperation.

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