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But privacy is by far not the only benefit that Malaysian Cupid has to offer.

Have a look at the following six positive aspects and decide for yourself if you want to join the largest Malaysian dating site on the internet…​I told you that I dated two Malaysian girls during my university time.

Oh, and you’ll see screenshots of the messages that I received from young girls who live in Kuala Lumpur.

She’s a beautiful Chinese Malaysian girl who I dated for several months during my college years in London (actually it was just one year). And she cried and cried…and cried a bit more when I left England to go back to Germany.

But this was also the time when I discovered this dating site.

No matter if you want to date Malay, Indian or Chinese girls, humor rocks. But I also couldn’t find one girl with a verified profile.

Just have a look at my Personality Profile: Thanks to these Cupid Tags, I was able to find Muslim Malay girls, Chinese girls and Indian girls and conduct my Malaysian Cupid Review Challenge.​Sometimes I’m a bad role model. I guess it’s not so common on this Malaysian dating site.

But of course, sending as many messages as you want to as many women as you want is As you can see in the image above, there are tons of other benefits of having a Platinum membership, but the ranking advantage alone can put you in the top 1%.​I have good news for you.

Don’t ask me why but for some reason A 12-month Platinum Membership on any other international dating site from this company would cost you .50 a month.

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I searched for a very, very long time but SHE was the only woman I could contact without feeling like a fraud…​Yes!!!

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