Christian skits about dating disadvantages of dating a westindian women

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Christian skits about dating

Theme: There is nothing deeply spiritual about this sketch, but it is good fun!The first few lines below tell you all you need to know. Staging: All you need is the Mastermind chair for the contestant.This is actually a sketch about our own hobbies, obsessions and habits. After an encounter with Jesus, how easy do we find it to give up things we have always done?

Theme: What difference did it make long-term to the men that Jesus prevented from stoning the woman who was caught in adultery?Plant at least one actor in the audience to lead the responses.Sitting at a desk facing the congregation are four men. This is a sketch where audience participation could be utilised.It is a failing I recognise in myself, and you can see it in other church leaders (especially the TV evangelists).But this sketch applies to all of us, asking whether we really listen to God for his guidance, or whether we are too busy doing our own thing. Better still if you can display something behind the actors to illustrate you are on the Faith Matters TV set.

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At the time, the events MUST have caused scandal and gossip, so in this sketch, two women gossip away..