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Cincinnati speed dating at april tellers

Through May 31, 2019, for just , you’ll receive 6 issues for the price of 4 with coupon code GTNSpring19.The story behind this episode started with the high-profile heist in 1991 of a stained-glass window from the 19th century mausoleum of a New London industrialist.And at the end, you’ll hear about a special offer that might have you joining Walt, Betsy, and Colin for another podcast lunch and another slice of New Haven Pizza.“New Haven’s Pizza Ingenuity” by Colin Caplin, Summer 2017 Natalie Belanger of the Connecticut Historical Society takes a walk through the museum’s archival collection of documents related to the Ku Klux Klan.Fox and the Black Freedom Movement.”, organized by the New-York Historical Society, explores the struggle for full citizenship and racial equality after the Civil War. Traci Parker, author of (University of North Carolina Press), and host Natalie Belanger talk about what department stores like G.Even though northern states like Connecticut did not institute Jim Crow segregation by law, discrimination and segregation were the norm in many public spaces including elegant department stores like New York City’s Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Hartford’s G. Fox meant to consumers and retail workers alike, and how those stores become sites of struggle in the civil rights movement.From turnpikes to bicycle roads, the state highway system to the parkways and toll roads Connecticut got rid of in the 1980s, De Luca provides the background you need to make good decisions about The Toll Question in Connecticut.De Luca is the author of SPRING 2008 From racetracks to bridges to nowhere, read this issue’s story about Connecticut’s transportation history, including the Meritt Parkway, rollercoasters, ballooning, canals, and more!

State historian Walt Woodward talks with transportation historian Richard De Luca who takes us on an expert’s tour of Connecticut’s long history of charging people to get from here to there.In this episode, edited from a lecture at the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, Dr.Tracey Wilson, town historian for West Hartford, comments on Auerbach and Woodhouse’s contribution to the development of women in leadership roles in Connecticut and reads from Auerbach’s travel diaries.It’s not very often that a historian interviews a poet for a history podcast, but in this episode state historian Walt Woodward interviews award-winning poet, novelist, essayist, environmentalist, and former Deputy Commission of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection David K.Leff about his new verse novel, podcast co-host Kerri Provost.

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In part two of our commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Dartmouth College and its roots in the town of Columbia, Mohegan Elder Beth Regan tells the story of Samson Occom.