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In Mal FGK (Yu et al., 2015) from Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensi substrate-binding pockets have been identified inside the TMDs, and these might be linked to regulation of transport.Similar binding pockets within the TMDs have not been observed in the high-resolution structures of other ABC importers, although cavities through which the substrate passes in the transition of the TMD from outward- to inward-facing are likely to be present in all the transporters (Woo et al., 2012; Pinkett et al., 2007; Locher et al., 2002).However, these techniques only provide information on the overall population of molecules.Recent advances in single-molecule methodologies now permit new insight into the conformational heterogeneity, dynamics and occurrences of rare events in SBPs (Feng et al., 2016; Gouridis et al., 2015; Kim et al., 2013; Seo et al., 2014; Husada et al., 2015; Lerner et al., 2018), which are difficult to obtain in bulk measurements.Instead, SBPs sample a range of conformations that activate transport.Certain non-transported ligands leave the structure largely unaltered or trigger a conformation distinct from that of transported substrates.Despite low-sequence similarity between SBPs of different ABC importers, they share a common architecture comprising two structurally conserved rigid lobes connected by a flexible hinge region (Figure 1) (Berntsson et al., 2010).

Ligands that are bound by the SBP, but not transported, are termed herein non-cognate ligands.

Using single-molecule FRET, we reveal an unrecognized diversity of plasticity in SBPs.

We show that a unique closed SBP conformation does not exist for transported substrates.

Our results reveal the complex interplay between ligand-SBP interactions, SBP conformational dynamics and substrate transport.

ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters facilitate the unidirectional trans-bilayer movement of a diverse array of molecules using the energy released from ATP hydrolysis (Higgins, 1992).

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Such observations question the precise relationship between SBP-ligand interactions, SBP conformational changes and their involvement in transport function.

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