Cm error while updating java lang number

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Cm error while updating java lang number

If the transaction remains active for a long time after a connection is closed, connection wait issues could occur.

This frequently occurs in servlets when a shareable connection is obtained in a local transaction containment (LTC).

Connection wait problems and performance problems might occur when network traffic is slow or when the database server is busy or performing slowly. If none of the conditions described in this section are occurring, but the application is performing poorly or the application server appears to be unresponsive or hung, then use the appropriate Must Gather document for an application server hang to analyze the threads of the application server to determine the cause of the problem. Finally, if none of the previous troubleshooting steps helped to resolve the problem, continue to the Must Gather: Connection pooling problems for Web Sphere Application Server for database connection and connection pooling problems.

What to do next If the preceding troubleshooting steps did not solve your problem, see the Must Gather: Connection pooling problems for Web Sphere Application Server for Connection Pooling problems to continue investigation.

This document is not applicable to Version 4 data sources.

You can also use this document for troubleshooting JMS connection problems and enterprise information system (EIS) connection problems.

We are using asset API and below is the excerpt of the code. Method.invoke( at com.openmarket.xcelerate.asset. Basic Asset Data Write Strategy._save One Asset Type(Basic Asset Data Write at com.fatwire.

Troubleshooting for connection pooling problems in IBM® Web Sphere® Application Server.This should help address common issues with this component before calling IBM support and save you time.Note: The troubleshooting steps in this document are applicable to JDBC connection problems using a standard data source in Web Sphere Application Server.If an application takes too long to close connections, or caches connections, the connections will be in use longer, which could lead to connection wait issues.Even if the "get/use/close" pattern is followed, connections will not return to the free pool until the transaction in which the connection is obtained is committed.

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More details about this scenario and solutions for it are documented in this Default behavior of managed connections in Web Sphere Application Server article.

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