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The truth is I had already started my career and was very confident on where it was going far before most of my peers.This gave me a strong sense of a need to control out of my much stronger fear of public failure. I made myself believe that if I didn’t, nothing would ever go exactly the way I needed it to, to get to where WE were now going.We invite you to take the first step toward meeting someone truly special.We focus on compatibility in lifestyles, family values, and relationship goals.The county is part of the original and core Atlanta metropolitan area. Census Bureau ranks Cobb County as the most-educated in the State of Georgia and 15th among all counties in the United States.As of the 2007 census estimate, the population of Cobb County was 691,905, and continues to grow. Per Wikipedia, Cobb County is consistently ranked among the top 100 wealthiest counties in the United States.You absolutely deserve the love you want and need in your life and it all starts with getting out of your own way.During my first marriage I was so focused on what the end goal was that I very seldom lived in the present.

This was a painful lesson that took me a long time to learn but now that I’m here let me save you some time… Either way you have your answer and if that means moving on, at least you can avoid the divorce papers!

You have to ask yourself are you looking for a life partner or just a cardboard cutout to check a spouse box or a name on a birth certificate?

Ladies, I know we live in the days of ‘we don’t need no man!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but MY experiences have made me a more present, observant person and a much better companion.

During my days of life assessments (and I have many) I reflect on the “Worked Outs” and the “Girl, You Still Got Work To Dos.” What I often come to conclude is 1) I’m definitely a work in progress but 2) by doing the work my experiences can be of service to others.

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I’m talking getting out of his way to let the man do what he does.

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