Congolese girls dating

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Congolese girls dating

Some local guys have the libido and energy to father an entire village, but they do not know how to raise those children."Chinedu did not only bring stability to my life, he brought dignity too."She adds that foreign men are happy, hardworking and provide for their women.Tebogo Malatjie, 34, who is married to a Zambian and has a child from a previous relationship, says her husband treats her better than all the men she had had before."He appreciates my affection and acknowledges my efforts. Most of the men I dated before only wanted me for sex and for show.

In the DR Congo, only 51 percent of young women age 15-24 years are literate, a figure that falls to only 28 percent for women from the poorest areas.

Girls who are not in school or want to broaden their knowledge will be encouraged to attend.

Student fee contribution will be small or free, no one will be turned away because they cannot contribute.

Locals are self-centred and stingy and rarely spend on their girlfriends."But some local women say foreign men are overbearing, controlling and authoritarian.

Akhona Zitha, who rues the day she met her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, says she will never date a foreigner."Many are bullies who believe it is 'a man's world'.

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Bunagana served as the headquarters of the M23 rebel militia until late 2013.

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