Consolidating 401 k accounts

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The money never passes through your hands, which is why taxes and penalties are avoided.In addition, there will be no limit to the number of times you can make this kind of transfer, like the one year waiting rule that applies to 60 day rollovers.This is especially true when you are merging like-kind retirement plans.Just as is the case with employer-sponsored retirement plans, it’s pretty easy to reach the point you have more than one IRA account.

If they withhold 20%, your check will be for just ,000.As long as you handle the transfer of your accounts correctly, the transition should be seamless, and both tax & penalty-free.Please keep in mind that rolling over assets to an IRA is just one of multiple options for your retirement plan.Before deciding on merging 401(k) plans into your current plan, consider the following: Where merging 401(k) plans is concerned, it’s important to understand that all 401(k) plans are not equal.Some are better than others, and you can hurt your retirement efforts significantly by making convenience the primary criteria in choosing which 401(k) plan you’re going to merge the others into.

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Whatever the reason, it’s easy to reach a point where you have three or four IRAs, all sitting with different trustees.

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