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Consolidating files

When you are dealing with the sheets created by different users, the order of columns is often different. Will you be copying the sheets manually or moving columns in each sheet? Commit the job to our Combine Sheets wizard: And the data will be combined perfectly by column headers: If you have really large sheets with tons of different columns, you may want to merge only the most important ones to a summary table. After experimenting a bit, you will see how useful all the features are.

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In this case, you may want to employ one of the following techniques to automate the merge.

Overall, there are four ways to merge Excel worksheets into one without copying and pasting: The built-in Excel Consolidate feature can summarize data from different sheets, but it cannot combine sheets by copying their data.

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I had read an interesting request on the Whirlpool forum over the weekend.The screenshot below shows the default settings that work just fine for us: Click the Copy button, and you will have the information from three different sheets merged into one summary worksheet like shown in the beginning of this example.wizard, the Ultimate Suite for Excel provides a few more merging tools to handle more specific scenarios. As the result, only the data from the columns that you selected get into the summary sheet: These examples have demonstrated only a couple of our merge tools, but there is much more to it!Whirlpool user Alicia2 wanted to extract Word document metadata into a Spreadsheet. It should return something like Name = Sheet1, Data = Table.That seemed like an interesting problem and something I could use some time. I built this Spreadsheet that you put into a folder along with the Word documents (DOCX format). Click on Table Edit the data in the table as you normally would with Power Query. Make sure “Expand Column” is selected and then click OK.

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