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That federal consolidation is done by the government and your loan servicer.When refinancing and consolidating with a private lender, your new rate will be based on your creditworthiness at the time of your application and, if applicable, your cosigner’s credit history.Our research, news, ratings, and assessments are scrutinized using strict editorial integrity.Our editorial staff does not receive direction from advertisers on our website or our Partnerships Team.There are, however, key differences between these two types of student loan consolidation, and understanding these differences is important in deciding which is right for you.On this page: The act of consolidating federal loans such as Direct Loans is an option offered by the government through the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan program in an effort to simplify payments.Not only will you wipe out any progress you’ve made toward your 120-payment mark, but you won’t be able to get any type of forgiveness with a privately consolidated loan.The same goes for Income-Driven Repayment programs; if you’re currently taking advantage of those programs with your federal loans, consolidating them with private loans will put you in a new repayment plan not dependent on your income.

Alternatively, some may choose to extend their repayment term, which lowers monthly payments but also may mean paying more over the life of the loan unless you receive a lower interest rate, in which case you may pay more or less over the life of the loan depending on the new rate and repayment term.If you don’t think you will need any financial hardship help in the future, such as deferment and forbearance options, then refinancing and consolidating with a private lender might be a good option.The federal government offers support to those with financial hardship, but many private lenders do not.In addition to raised interest payments, benefits that previously applied to the multiple student loans may be lost after consolidation.Benefits such as interest rate discounts or principal rebates may be nullified for the “new” consolidated loan.

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By combining federal student loans, the borrower can simplify the bill each month and lower monthly payments by choosing a longer repayment period of up to 30 years.

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