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Wei’s paper entitled How to Find the Laws of the People’s Republic of China: a Research Guide with Annotated Bibliographies, won the New Member Division of AALL Call-for-Paper Competition in 1996. In addition to her primary responsibilities on the management of library acquisitions and serials, Joan also works as a faculty liaison on Chinese legal research. She wrote Beyond the Border: the Chinese Legal Information System in Cyberspace, International Journal of Legal Information, 29.1 (Spring 2001); its electronic version is on LLRX – Comparative & Foreign Law Resource Center.

The poor information system is, to some extent, responsible for impeding the construction of a modern legal system and realization of the rule of law in China.Right before the PRC resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macao, the NPC of the PRC enacted the Basic Law of the HKSAR (adopted on April 1990) and the Basic Law of Macao (adopted on March 1993), in order to simultaneously keep the state sovereignty and the special economic position of those two regions.From their position and nature, those two laws are national laws, not local laws; therefore, no laws, ordinances, administrative regulations, and other normative documents of the HRSAR and the Macao SAR shall violate the Basic Law.At the same time, the Basic Law of both regions states clearly that the existing capitalist system and the people’s way of life shall remain unchanged for 50 years, and the laws previously in force shall be maintained.Hence, the legal system in the regions combined the traditions of both civil and common laws, and the political scheme turned out to be a mixture of the capitalist and socialist systems.

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