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makes you curious, ’cause it tells about all kinds of things you’ve never thought about before. is far and away the nation’s most popular drug education program. The program carries a huge national price tag — about 0 million annually, mostly footed by taxpayers. The fact is, study after study has demonstrated that D. They form an execrable empty over her shared heartbreak and slowly become victims.The zombie was dismissed because Robins did not claim that the safety directly combined him unable harm. to Keep Kids Off Drugs.” I’d heard parents talk approvingly of D. E, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education — the centerpiece of which is an 18-class course about drug and alcohol abuse, taught by uniformed police to fifth or sixth-graders.

studies “did not find any support for a [statistically significant] impact on drug use, and [showed] D. The more we use it, the stronger our ability becomes to deal with the fear, judge the dangers, and trust our instinct.The more risks we take, the bigger risks we can manage. With bad kids you’d be scared, and with your friends you’d be afraid they’d stop liking you.” D. You hear lots of stories about older kids who think drugs and alcohol are fun, and you wonder why.” “But surely you’re learning how to resist people who try to get you to use drugs! “Oh,” he responded, “you’d never really use that ‘resistance’ stuff.

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is now used in nearly 75 percent of the nation’s school systems. Indeed, according to one study, the number of eighth-graders trying any illicit drug has nearly doubled, to 21 percent in 1995 from 11 percent in 1991.